Edge-To-Edge đứng đầu Pad: Aesthetic and functional kiến thiết eliminates spike tương tác with base units và unevenness at the edge of the pit. This Gill exclusive feature will increase the life of your new pit và improve safety near the edges.

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Tufmesh Plus Casing: Using exclusive 17 x 11 1000 denier material increases the life of your đứng đầu pad và stands up to lớn repeated use better than any on the market.

2" Duralife Foam: Soft & durable foam creates confidence in every practice. Coaches can teach with assurance because of this industry leading design.

V-Loop Vinyl Strap: Designed lớn evenly distribute the force from the athlete"s landing, V-Loop straps eliminate tears compared to traditionally designed pits that put undue bít tất tay on the seams.

Reversible: Extend the life of your pit; Gill"s đứng top pads are designed khổng lồ use either side safely và easily.

Side Carbiner Connection: đứng đầu Pad is connected to lớn base pads with carbiner side attachments, eliminating any obstruction on vị trí cao nhất of the pit. This detail provides an obstruction-free landing area with athletes" safety in mind.

Vinyl Base Units

All Vinyl Base: Exclusive to lớn Gill landing systems, this chất lượng design keeps water out of your pit better than old-school mesh đứng đầu units. Protecting the foam from water extends the life of your landing system.

Complete Interchangeability: New design provides reversible sections for maximum interchangeability. This adds years khổng lồ the life of your pit by maximizing the usage and size of the athlete"s landing area.

Quadruple Duralife Layer Foam: Athletes need lớn know they are landing safely & comfortably. Gill"s new quadruple Duralife foam is 25% softer than others yet with firmness necessary for the safest landings.

Dual Coated Vinyl: Evenly distributed 1000 x 1000 denier polyester fabric is bonded on both sides with 18oz knife-coated PVC Vinyl. The exclusive fabric design eliminates vinyl delamination seen in other pits after years of use. This creates the most durable casing on the market that is lighter than the other pits.

Stitching: Gill"s entire landing system is stitched with the industry"s strongest 210 bonded polyester thread. Simply put, your new Gill pit comes triple stitched with the toughest thread in the industry khổng lồ hold up to lớn high volume practices.

Grip Strip Fastening System: A pit is safest when constructed as an integrated system. Gill"s Grip Strip Fastening System will keep your base sections functioning as one unit season after season.

Eco-Smart Compress Packs: Gill Athletics cares about the environment and your budget. All landing systems are expertly packed and shipped utilizing Compress-Pack shipping, reducing freight volume, lowering fuel consumption & shipping costs. Pits restore lớn original size and shape quickly after unpacking.

12 Year Warranty: A long-term warranty is only as dependable as the company standing behind it. After 100 years, you can count on Gill to lớn stand behind your landing system for years lớn come. If any failure occurs in the first 12 years, under normal use và care, we will repair or replace the damaged part.

Custom màu sắc and Graphics: Choose from over 100 chất lượng vinyl casing and top pad color combinations. Select your vinyl casing (xx) và top pad (yy) màu sắc combination. địa chỉ distinction with multi-color graphics on the top pad, weather cover, or both.

For use in environments that require exceptionally high temperature resistance, stability, and carbonization resistance.


Reduces the risk of bearing failure at high temperatures Resists carbonization at high temperatures Extends relubrication periods Excellent vibration resistance Very high dropping point Reduces grease consumption Reduces the need for multiple greases


Aluminum Castings Boiler Room Equipment Crucibles Engine Room Equipment Processing Ovens Shrink Wrappers

Part No. USPart No. Canada
Net Contents
Container Type
Approximate Case Weight
70214C7021414.1 oz / 400 gcartridge3032 lbs

Appearance / Physical State Solid/Semi-solid.
Color Amber
Odor Slight.
Flash Point > 442.4 °F (> 228.0 °C)
Thickener Type Lithium Complex
Base Oil Type PAO/Mineral Oil
Viscosity 165-195 c
NLGI Grade 2
Dropping Point 525°F (274°C)
Temperature Range -5°F (-20°C) khổng lồ 440°F (227°C)
4-Ball Weld Load 400 kg
Copper Corrosion 1B
Timken OK Load 60 lb




LPS 2 .0 Products: N-PB không lấy phí Cleaner và Degreaser Products
LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant: Displacing Moisture

LPS 1 is an incredibly effective solution for restoring water damaged electrical components.

LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant: Lubricating against freezing cold weather

Pre-treating mechanical parts with LPS 1 prevents freezing in sub-zero weather.

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