Warning: This article contains references khổng lồ suicide that some readers may find upsetting.

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The TV phenomenon that is Selena Gomez"s 13 Reasons Why gripped fans around the world when it launched on Netflix earlier this year.

A second season of 2017"s most tweeted-about show is on the way, but what can you expect? From who"s returning lớn plot details and tín đồ theories, here"s everything you need to lớn know.

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13 Reasons Why season 2 release date: When is it on Netflix?

Netflix officially announced a second season to lớn air in 2018. Everybody from the cast to the author of the original novel Jay Asher was calling for it, so ultimately the renewal was no surprise.

Showrunner Brian Yorkey – who was behind season one – will be back at the helm, with 13 more hour-long episodes of the show in the works.

The official 13 Reasons Why Twitter account posted a short teaser trailer confirming season two, showing various memorable locations from the first season such as Liberty High School, The Crestmont, và Monet"s.

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The video clip on social truyền thông had the caption: "Their story isn"t over."

The official release date has now been announced: it"s Friday, May 18. You can watch the reveal trailer below:

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On June 12, 2017, star Christian Navarro (who plays Tony Padilla) shared that the cast và crew were on phối for the first day of filming for season two.


And you"ll definitely be seeing a lot of Hannah. Huff
says that season two will "will feature in more scenes than even Langford expected".

In a later interview, Langford teased: "You see a very different Hannah in season two. I would prepare fans not to lớn expect the Hannah from season one for a multitude of reasons."

We also can"t have a second season without Clay Jensen. Actor Dylan Minnette is too, confirming via this pretty cool Instagram snap:


Selena Gomez didn"t make a cameo in season one, and fans shouldn"t expect her to appear in season two, either.

Hargreaves commented on the possibility of Selena popping up, saying: "It would kinda distract from the main story. So I can"t imagine that she would pop up for a cameo, but who knows? You never know."

The show held an open casting call in June, looking for "students, baseball players, track and field athletes, cheerleaders, boxers, parents, teachers, & coffee siêu thị patrons". Actors of "all ages, types, & ethnicities" were encouraged to attend.

In August, a few new characters were announced...

Kelli O"Hara, a Tony award-winning Broadway actress and star of Masters of Sex, will join the cast as Jackie, an "advocate for victims of bullying" (via TVLine).

After more than a year, Netflix’s most controversial series finally returns tomorrow with season 3. That’s right, 13 Reasons Why is almost back, & we already know the new mystery: Who killed Bryce Walker?

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Hannah Baker’s story might be over, but we’re gonna have to khuyến mãi with what went on with Tyler Down (Devin Druid) before and after the Spring Fling. Here’s everything you need lớn remember before you start your binge this weekend.

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Tyler Down

Tyler got on the baseball team’s bad side when he destroyed their field and contributed to canceling their season. In retaliation, Montgomery de la Cruz (aka Monty) had a group of jocks hold Tyler down while he brutally raped him with a mop handle.

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Clay Jensen

After talking Tyler down, Clay convinced him lớn get in a getaway oto with Tony Padilla (Christian Navarro) while he drove off with the guns.

As for the Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) of it all, Clay was finally able khổng lồ let her go after speaking at her funeral & being absolved by Hannah’s list of 11 Reasons Why Not, where he was named twice.

The Bakers

Olivia Baker (Kate Walsh) moved to thành phố new york City after losing her lawsuit against Liberty High School and divorcing from her husband.

Zach Dempsey

After spending the majority of season 2 helping Alex Standall (Miles Heizer) regain his strength after his suicide attempt, Zach (Ross Butler) turned out to lớn be the guy behind all those polaroids exposing the baseball team’s Clubhouse.

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Jessica Davis

Much of season 2 focuses on Jessica’s (Alisha Boe) recovery & her journey toward finally reporting Bryce lớn the police. At his hearing, she gives a heart-wrenching speech that still helped her get closure, despite his weak sentencing.

It’s also kind of important to remember that Jessica got back together with Alex in season 2 but still hooked up with her ex, Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn), at the Spring Fling. At the same dance, Bryce’s girlfriend, Chloe (Anne Winters), tells Jessica she’s pregnant.

Justin Foley

After being dragged back off the streets by Clay và Tony, Justin struggled with a drug addiction throughout the second season. He also stole money from his mother’s dangerous boyfriend/dealer, Seth, and that whole thing has yet to lớn be resolved.

Unfortunately, after he helped Jessica come forward about her rape, he was arrested along with Bryce & sentenced lớn six months in custody. While he was awaiting trial, his mother went missing. In order to lớn be released to lớn a guardian, the Jensens took him in & planned to lớn adopt him.

Bryce Walker

Bryce (Justin Prentice) was sentenced to only three months probation và decided to transfer khổng lồ a private school after facing backlash at Liberty High. He also ended his friendship with Monty when he found out he was harassing the students that testified during the trials.