The Korean that you fall in love with and art, and with both the traditional và - "Heartstrings"! Starring Park Shin Hye và Jung Yong Hwa, the was one of the K-shows that gave us a of the beautiful culture of South Korea.

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The leads", Park Shin Hye và Jung Yong Hwa, was also so good! The two not have had a happy ending in the "You"re Beautiful," they sure khổng lồ have the ending they deserve in 2011"s "Heartstrings."

Ten years after the concluded, the cast active in the industry, and several of even reunited already in the projects.

What are Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Ga Young, and up lớn now? Let"s take a look.

Park Shin Hye

Beautiful và versatile actress Park Shin Hye rose to because of her acting skills. Today, she is one of the celebrities who has projects under her belt and trophies for her laudable

After "Heartstrings," Park Shin Hye starred in popular lượt thích "The Heirs," "Pinocchio," "Doctors," " of the," và her latest "Sisyphus: The"

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She also starred in the blockbuster "#ALIVE" along with award-winning actor Yoo Ah In.

Through her journey in the acting field, Park Shin Hye found her special She is currently in a relationship with "So I an Anti-Fan" actor Choi Tae Joon.

Right now, Park Shin Hye is busy gracing various brand

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Jung Yong Hwa

His duality as an idol and actor has always been lauded byfans.

After his hiatus, Jung Yong Hwa landed his first role this 2021 through the KBS fantasy-horror series "Sell Your Haunted House."

(Photo : KBS Official

And being back on the screen was fulfilling for idol-actor Jung Yong Hwa, as he in one of his previous interviews.

He is currently a special DJ in the SBS power nguồn "Beautiful," alongside Jung Seung Hwan and Lee Ji Hoon.

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(Photo : KBS Official, his and "Heartstrings" co-star Kang Hyuk is also balancing his career in và acting. Hyun Hye

(Photo : Lee Hang Na"s Hyun Hye has shown her potential through her previous series, such as "18 Again," " Sassy Girl," " Detective," and But her recent participation in tv
N"s hit series "Vincenzo" is one of her as she aced the role of Seo ngươi Ri, a Plaza resident who has a special skill in hacking.

(Photo : Sidus HQ / Ga Young

In "Heartstrings," Ga Young played the role of Jung Yong Hwa"s younger sister, Lee Jung Hyun. being a child actress, Ga Young has evolved into one of the fine and versatile actresses today.

(Photo : Keyeast Official Account)

Her recent project is the "True Beauty," where she received praises the viewers for her brilliant acting. It was also a reunion for her và actress Se

(Photo : Se"s

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For,, và celebrity news & updates, keep your tabs open here at that Korean actors Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk are dating, reported Wednesday, have of the public to lớn highlight her previous “” with other stars Lee và Jung Yong-hwa.Park achieved her breakthrough success in the 2013 series “The Heirs,” as the on-screen love interest of Lee A year later, she acted in her second hit series “Pinocchio,” opposite Lee Jong-suk.

Park Shin-hye (left) & costar Lee (OSEN)
Fans swooned over the love scenes in “The Heirs” between Lee and Park. Chinese reported in January nă trước that the two had been dating for the past two, which Lee’s agency as “ridiculous & 300% false.” Park’s agency also credited the “groundless” to lớn the popularity of “The Heirs” in China.
A poster for the 2013 TV "The Heirs," which starred Park Shin-hye và Lee (SBS)
Lee is currently in a relationship with K-pop singer Suzy, girl group A. The local news outlet that broke the story, later by both Lee & Suzy, was the news outlet that reported Park was dating Lee Jong-suk on Wednesday.
Park Shin-hye (left) và her recent costar, Lee Jong-suk, were to be dating on Wednesday (OSEN)
Park and Lee have been photographed outside each other’s và on alleged dates, as reported by news outlet Dispatch, but both of the stars’ agencies quickly the reports and insisted the two are “just close friends.”
Park Shin-hye (right) và costar Jung Yong-hwa (OSEN)
In the early years of her career, Park also starred opposite K-pop singer Jung Yong-hwa, boy group CNBLUE, in two series.Jung played a friend who harbors feelings for Park in the TV “You’re Beautiful” in 2009. Two years later, he played her on-screen love interest in another series, “Heartstrings.”Though they acted as on-screen lovers on the screen, Park & Jung have never seriously been at the center of dating
A poster for 2011 TV "Heartstrings," which featured Park Shin-hye (right) và Jung Yong-hwa as a thắ thiết couple (
At the 2011 press conference for “Heartstrings,” Jung said about Park, “I feel so around Park Shin-hye, she’s like a of (his group) CNBLUE. She is very laid-back và bright -- she’s one of the few celebrity friends I have.”Park said at the press conference, “Jung Yong-hwa and I know so about each other, I think it would be difficult for us lớn start a thắ thiết relationship.”The actress reiterated on an in 2013 that she và Jung were “just good friends.” Jung said on a talk show last year that Park often attended CNBLUE concerts due to their friendship.Park is an international Hallyu icon with a strong tín đồ base spanning several Asian countries.By Yoon Sarah (sarah356