LWS specialise in the supply of quality irrigation products, with unparalleled sales and technical support. We are proud of the relationships that we have developed with many of the biggest names in the UK and global irrigation market. Which has enabled us tobuildan extensive network of professional & experienced installers.

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Rain Bird 1804RD SAM PRS


Rain Bird 1804RD pop up sprayhead is designed specifically to work with Rain Bird rotary nozzles. With SAM kiểm tra valve & a 3.1 bar build in PRS mean that the rotary nozzles perform exactly where you want them too.

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles


Rain Bird now have a complete range of rotary nozzles vs. Leading competitor brands. Available in an adjustable 45°-270° and 360° with different radii of 4.6m, 5.5m và 7.3m, but now also available in a left, right và side strip versions throwing 1.5m x 4.6m from the nozzle !

Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module


Rain Bird the LNK Wi
Fi module has finally arrived & this clever little device slots into the back of ESP-ME, TM2 and RZX series controllers & allows remote connection & monitoring of your irrigation system via the miễn phí App on your smart phone or tablet.

Rain Bird IQ Control


Rain Bird IQ is kiến thiết specifically to lớn work with ESP-LXM và ESP-LXD controllers. Allowing remote access khổng lồ the irrigation controller from anywhere in the world via PC, tablet or smartphone!

Rain Bird XF Series Dripline


Rain Bird XF series dripline is setting the standard as the professionals choice for quality, efficiency và speed of installation. Including XFD, XFS sub-surface và XFCV check valve dripline. Making it the ideal choice for all domestic and commercial irrigation systems.

Rain Bird TM2 Series Controllers


Rain Bird TM2 Series controller are available in 3, 6, 8 or 12 station; they are also compatible with LNK Wi
Fi stick allowing access to lớn the controller via the internet.


28 February 2022

Rain Bird Spring Rotor Promotion

From 1st March 2022 until 30th June 2022 get 1/2 off selected Rain Bird golf rotors.With the winter months behind us và spring fully underway, irrigation systems all across the country are getting fired up & tested in preparation for the 2022 season. This is an ideal time for you to replace damaged units, tăng cấp old, inefficient và underperforming rotors or just take some stock for when the inevitable happens; with very attractive prices

28 February 2022

Rain Bird Contractor Rotor Promotion

All of our customers are automatically enrolled in the Rain Bird Spring Rotor Promotion allowing you lớn give your customers 1/2 off Rain Bird selected golf rotors. As an LWS customer you will benefit from special net prices during the promotion; running from 1st March 2022 until 30th June 2022.With the winter months behind us & spring fully underway, irrigation systems all across the country are getting fired up & tested in preparation for the 2022 season. This is an ideal time for your customer khổng lồ replace old, damaged, inefficient and underperforming rotors all at very attractive prices

27 October 2021

Rain Bird IQ4 New Users Webinar

New users to Rain Bird IQ4 are invited lớn attend a không tính phí 45 minute webinar to lớn learn basic system mix up and operation. This is a great way lớn be introduced to & learn about the benefits of the Rain Bird IQ4 platform.

26 March 2021

Notice of Annual Stocktake

With the over of the financial year upon us there will be a somedisruption on Tueday 30th March as we undertake our annual stocktake.

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Cadiz vs Vallecano dịp 22h15 ngày 25/2 (Vòng 23 giải VĐQG Tây Ban Nha La Liga 2022/23): Ý kiến chăm gia, dự kiến kết quả, nhận định - phân tích xác suất bóng đá, tin tức - thống kê lại soi kèo châu Á.

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